The expertise you need . . . the service you deserve


I believe that the best conversations with a client start by listening.  It’s only by listening that I can learn your needs, concerns and goals. For my part, I try to avoid “legalese” that confuses or intimidates my clients.  I want to make it easier to share personal, and sometimes painful, information, so I treat them and their needs or concerns with respect. Listening is where that process begins.
I am dedicated to helping my clients assess their options and make intelligent decisions.  You can’t make good decisions when you are uninformed or intimidated.  My job is to educate you about the choices you need to make.
When you need to speak to me, you will.  I make it my business to return client phone calls within 24 hours.  When we meet, I will be prepared to discuss your case or transaction (unless I run into you at Stewart’s, in which case I probably won’t have your file.)  When I promise to report back to you or to accomplish some task, I will.  This is how I earn my fees.
My practice has grown through repeat business and word of mouth. I think that’s the best endorsement of the quality of service I provide.